Awards for HEAL NY Phase 8: Residential Health Care Facility (RHCF) Rightsizing Demonstration Program

Applicant Name Award Amount Project Name
Presbyterian Home for Central New York, Inc. $1,700,000 This project will modernize and reduce capacity at the unique Parkinson program which will result in a less restrictive environment.
Folts Homes Inc. $900,000 This project will help Folts home and the Mohawk Valley nursing home join in a shared service program that will result in the conversion of 8 nursing home beds to adult day health care slots.
Central Region Awards Total $2,600,000  
Hudson Valley
Schnurmacher Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing $2,000,000 This project will reduce 25 beds and provide for more efficient and quality care at the facility.
Hudson Valley Region Awards Total $2,000,000  
Long Island
Good Samaritan Nursing Home (Lead Applicant) Our Lady of Consolation Geriatric Care Center, St. Catherine of Siena Nursing Home $3,200,000 This project will reduce 100 beds in Suffolk county and help the system collaborate on various rightsizing options including additional hospice residential capacity.
A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility $5,000,000 This project will reduce capacity in Nassau county by over 260 beds.
Long Island Region Awards Total $8,200,000  
Alice Hyde Medical Center $2,900,000 Alice Hyde Medical Center and Franklin county will consolidate two existing nursing homes into one operation.
Northern Region Awards Total $2,900,000  
New York City
Catholic Health Care System $1,400,000 This project will help the transformation of the Catholic Health care long term care system to ultimately reduce over 100 nursing home beds and enhance other parts of the system .
Daughters of Jacob Nursing Home Company, Inc. $5,000,000 This project will fund the conversion of 70 nursing homes beds to assisted living slots which will help modernize the institution.
Morningside House Nursing Home Company, Inc. $2,900,000 This project will reduce 24 nursing home beds and convert them into 24 additional long term home health care slots.
New York City Region Awards Total $9,300,000  
Catholic Health System of Western NY $5,000,000 This project will help fund the modernization and rebalancing of long term care in Erie county.
Western Region Awards Total $5,000,000  
Total Phase 8 Awards $30,000,000