RFA # 11-00001/FAU 1104280905: Awards for Approved Programs

Comprehensive HIV/STI/Hepatitis C Prevention and Related Services For Specific Populations Impacted by HIV/STI/Hepatitis C, Particularly in Communities of Color

Programs approved to provide comprehensive HIV/STI and hepatitis C prevention and related services to populations impacted by HIV/STI and hepatitis C, particularly in communities of color include:

Applicant Name Region Award Amount *
Component A (Services to Gay Men/MSM)
Bronx AIDS Services, Inc. Bronx $200,000
Hispanic AIDS Forum Bronx $200,000
Bronx Community Pride Center, Inc. (Popular Opinion Leader) Bronx $200,000
Ali Forney Center Brooklyn $190,310
Research Foundation of SUNY on behalf of SUNY Downstate Medical Center Heat Program Brooklyn $200,000
Gay Men of African Descent, Inc. Brooklyn $200,000
AIDS Community Resources, Inc. CNY/SoTier $200,000
Southern Tier AIDS Program, Inc. CNY/SoTier $200,000
AIDS Care Finger Lakes $200,000
MOCHA Center, Inc. Finger Lakes $200,000
Mid-Hudson Valley AIDS Task Force, Inc. Hudson Valley $200,000
Long Island Crisis Center Long Island $200,000
Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth, Inc. Long Island $200,000
Harlem United Community AIDS Center Manhattan $200,000
Asian & Pacific Islander Coaltion on HIV/AIDS, Inc. Manhattan $200,000
Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. Manhattan $200,000
AIDS Council of Northeastern New York NENY $200,000
Albany Damien Center, Inc. NENY $200,000
AIDS Center of Queens County, Inc. Queens $200,000
Community Health Action of Staten Island, Inc. Staten Island $200,000
AIDS Community Services of Western New York, Inc. WNY $200,000
MOCHA Center, Inc. WNY $200,000
Component B (Services to Heterosexually-Identified Men and Women)
Health People, Inc. NYC (Bronx) $200,000
Alianza Dominicana, Inc. NYC (Manhattan) $200,000
Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, Inc. NYC (Brooklyn) $200,000
Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc. ROS (Long Island) $200,000
Mid-Hudson Valley AIDS Task Force, Inc. ROS (Hudson Valley) $200,000
Alianza Latina of Western New York, Inc. ROS (Western New York) $200,000
AIDS Community Resources, Inc. ROS (Syracuse) $200,000
Monroe County Department of Public Health ROS (Rochester) $200,000
Component C (Services to Substance Users)
Washington Heights CORNER Project NYC (Manhattan) $100,000
Positive Health Project NYC (Manhattan) $100,000
Community Health Action of Staten Island, Inc. NYC (Staten Island) $100,000
After Hours Project, Inc. NYC (Brooklyn) $100,000
CitiWide Harm Reduction Program NYC (Bronx) $100,000
New York Harm Reduction Educators, Inc. NYC (Bronx) $100,000
Safe Horizon, Inc. NYC (Manhattan) $100,000
AIDS Community Services of Western New York, Inc. ROS (Western New York) $100,000
Catholic Charities AIDS Services ROS (Northeastern New York) $100,000
Long Island Minority AIDS Coalition ROS (Long Island) $100,000
Component D (Services to Lesbians/Women Who Have Sex with Women)
In Our Own Voices, Inc. ROS $200,000
Iris House, Inc. NYC $200,000
Component E (Services to Transgender Individuals)
Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, Inc. NYC $200,000
Pride Center of Western New York, Inc. ROS $200,000
Component F (Specialty Services)
National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. AA Mobilization $250,000
New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, Inc. LGBT Anti-Violence Tech Asst $100,000
Harm Reduction Coalition Opioid Overdose Prev Trng $100,000
Centro Civico of Amsterdam, Inc. Spanish Hotline $125,000
* Pending availability of funding and the approval of the Office of the State Comptroller.