Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA) Health Assessment Program


The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Refugee Health Program seeks applications from qualified licensed health care providers/agencies located throughout New York State (exclusive of New York City) to provide health assessments for new refugee arrivals to the state. The refugee health assessment is designed to: identify individuals with health conditions not observed during or developing after the overseas exam; initiate appropriate immunizations; ensure refugees with problems identified are referred to primary and specialty care; eliminate barriers to successful resettlement and protect the health of the US population. Health Assessment services will be reimbursed at an all-inclusive per-capita screening rate; vaccines provided to adult refugees at the time of the health assessment are reimbursed according to the current CDC Vaccine Price List. Approved providers who enter into a contract with NYS DOH must meet requirements described in the Refugee Health Assessment Program application. Applications accepted on a continuous basis.


Must be a licensed health care provider (i.e., physician, hospital, community health center, county health department or clinic); must demonstrate clinical and staffing capacity as well as experience in providing health screenings in accordance with established protocols to all eligible refugees; must employ bilingual staff, or provide interpreter services to overcome language barriers to care; must demonstrate established linkages to services not provided on site, including primary care and mental health services.


  • Refugee Health Coordinator
    Bureau of Tuberculosis Control
    New York State Department of Health
    Empire State Plaza — Corning Tower Building
    Room 575
    Albany, NY 12237-0669
    (518) 474-4845
    FAX: (518) 473-6164