Questions and Answers - Training Services for Board Members of Non-Profit Organizations

FAU Control #: 0610101014

What was the amount of funding awarded for the last contract?

The total amount of funding for the period 4/3/00 to 10/2/05 was $1,897,830.

What are the major differences (if any) between the scope of work in the last contract and this new contract?

A significant portion of funding and scope of work from 4/03/00 to 10/02/05 was dedicated to development of training curriculum. The current RFP does not call for extensive curriculum development since the new vendor will use existing training materials. In addition, the workplan during the first three years (4/3/00 - 4/2/03) supported approximately 80 trainings per year. The current RFP outlines annual delivery of 40 trainings and 16 on-site trainings, which is a significant reduction in training deliverables.

Can you please clarify what is meant by "Department of State Registration?"

Your organization must be filed with the NYS Department of State in order to be eligible to contract with the NYS Department of Health. For additional information, please refer to the Department of State's Web site.

Is only one copy of the documents listed on pages 16 & 17 required?

Yes, only one copy of those documents is required.