EPIC Program Annual Data Tables 2005-2006: Table X

Table X
Distribution of Claims and Payments by Pharmacy Type*
Type of Pharmacy**Number
Number of
Payments to Pharmacies
Total4,366 11,518,021 $813,189,476
Chain 2,242 7,484,461 $506,690,524
Clinical 80 240,554 $10,754,862
Independent 2,036 3,789,885 $295,482,329
Mail Order 2 312 $38,556
Other 6 2,809 $223,205

* Table X contains the number of active pharmacies, the number of claims and the sum of the payments to the pharmacies for each type of pharmacy. Comparison of this table from this program year (October 1, 2005-September 30, 2006) to the previous shows an increase in the total number of pharmacies.

** Types of Pharmacies include: Chain='Chain'; Clinical='Alternate Dispensing' and 'Government/Federal'; Independent='Independent' and 'Franchise'; Mail Order='Mail Order.