EPIC Program Annual Data Tables 2007-2008: Table VIII

Table VIII
Twenty Most Frequently Purchased Drugs*
Rank by Number
of Claims
Drug and StrengthDrug
of Claims
Rank by
Top 20 Totals2,229,275 $95,578,089
Percent of Top 20 Drugs to Total Paid Claims 20.89% 21.20%
1PLAVIX (75 MG)SS284,617$25,229,8671
2HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE (25 MG)Gen204,297$265,330345
3FUROSEMIDE (40 MG)Gen139,548$253,775360
4LIPITOR (10 MG)SS126,355$7,866,5836
5OMEPRAZOLE (20 MG)Gen118,267$3,932,51717
6FOSAMAX (70 MG)BNMS114,738$6,589,9087
7NEXIUM (40 MG)SS111,836$13,838,2962
8AMLODIPINE BESYLATE (5 MG)Gen102,243$1,352,07366
9FUROSEMIDE (20 MG)Gen99,656$154,485532
10LIPITOR (20 MG)SS97,839$8,453,8215
11PROTONIX (40 MG)BNMS93,415$8,968,3594
12METOPROLOL TARTRATE (50 MG)Gen92,454$190,860447
13METOPROLOL SUCCINATE (50 MG)Gen86,889$1,007,27490
14SIMVASTATIN (20 MG)Gen83,481$1,750,08849
15AMLODIPINE BESYLATE (10 MG)Gen83,416$1,428,83863
16METFORMIN HCL (500 MG)Gen82,816$515,855177
17SPIRIVA (18MCG)SS78,469$5,152,43911
18ATENOLOL (50 MG)Gen78,456$202,770422
19FLOMAX (0.4 MG)SS75,380$4,216,11915
20ACTONEL (35 MG)SS75,103$4,208,83216

* Table VIII lists the top 20 drugs ranked by number of adjudicated claims for the program year (October 1, 2007-September 30, 2008) as well as the percentage of the totals they represent for the year.

** Drug Type values are BNMS='Brand Name Multi-Source', Gen='Generic and SS='Sole Source'.