EPIC Program Annual Report 2008-2009 Appendix: Table XII

Table XII
Distribution of Claims and Expenditures by
Status of Medicare Part D Enrollment*
Claim InformationIn Part DNot in Part DTotal
Number of Claims8,430,7391,698,24810,128,987
Total ExpendituresTotal Cost of Drugs$802,166,283$154,370,199$956,536,482
less Third Party Payments$454,581,733$13,455,483$468,037,216
less Participant Copayments$50,014,932$14,743,661$64,758,593
less Deductible Payments$34,217,076$9,618,968$43,836,044
EPIC Expenditures$263,352,542$116,552,087$379,904,629
Average Claim**=
(Epic Expenditures ÷ Number of Claims)

* Table XII outlines the difference in expenditures by status of Medicare Part D enrollment for the program year (October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009).

** Average Claim was calculated using only participants who were enrolled in their stated category for the entirety of the program year.