EPIC Program Annual Data Tables 2008-2009 Appendix: Table IX

Table IX
Top Twenty Drugs Based on EPIC Payments
Rank by
Drug and StrengthDrug
Number of
Rank by Number
of Claims
Top 20 Totals1,220,462 $114,088,134
Percent of Top 20 Drugs to Total EPIC Payments12.05% 30.03%
1PLAVIX (75 MG)SS184,753$17,234,7501
2NEXIUM (40 MG)SS109,156$12,726,3126
3PREVACID (30 MG)SS58,371$7,864,41326
4LIPITOR (20 MG)SS85,484$7,326,08714
5LIPITOR (10 MG)SS103,607$6,245,0688
6ARICEPT (10 MG)SS59,906$6,044,20024
7SPIRIVA (18MCG)SS79,470$5,929,43115
8FLOMAX (0.4 MG)SS73,896$4,888,17519
9ADVAIR DISKUS (250-50MCG)SS58,228$4,716,71227
10PANTOPRAZOLE SODIUM (40 MG)Gen68,257$4,674,58422
11LIPITOR (40 MG)SS52,129$4,551,60531
12ACIPHEX (20 MG)SS25,282$4,325,46792
13ZETIA (10 MG)SS50,316$3,848,99936
14ARIMIDEX (1 MG)SS16,452$3,590,424156
15JANUVIA (100 MG)SS29,500$3,524,85274
16NAMENDA (10 MG)SS44,863$3,481,70344
17PROCRIT (40000/ML)BNMS2,977$3,384,295612
18CELEBREX (200 MG)SS38,155$3,299,16552
19ACTONEL (35 MG)SS50,551$3,294,28534
20LIDODERM (5%(700MG))SS29,109$3,137,60775

* Table IX lists the top 20 drugs ranked by EPIC Payments and number of adjudicated claims for the program year (October 1, 2008-September 30, 2009) as well as the percentage of the totals they represent for the year.

** Drug Type values are BNMS='Brand Name Multi-Source', Gen='Generic' and SS='Sole Source.'