Private Duty Nursing Services

  • Patient receives nursing services at home from Registered Nurses (RNs) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), in accordance with physician orders
  • Patient may receive continuous nursing services beyond the scope of care available from certified home health care agencies (CHHAs)
  • Patient may need only intermittent nursing services which are normally provided by the CHHAs but which are unavailable at the time the patient needs them

Who is eligible?

This program is available through Medicaid, private payment, and some health insurers.

How do I find Private Duty Nursing Services?

For Medicaid-eligible recipients, after a physician provides written orders or a letter of medical justification, a certified home health agency or a local social services office provides a written assessment of the need for private duty nursing and authorizes a specific number of hours of care. Local social services offices can direct the patient and family to nursing agencies or individual nurses.