Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center (A)

*Note: Health Homes with an (A/C) next to them serve both children and adults. Health Homes with a (C) serve children only and Health Homes with an (A) serve adults only.

The contact information is the most current information submitted to the department by individual Health Homes. Updates to this contact information will occur as the department is notified by the individual Health Home.

Designated: Phase 1

Counties served for adults: Bronx


Main Contact: Megan Fogarty, 718–901–6274
Alternate Contact: Norma Moss, 718–901–8914
Referral Contact: Yunelly Tejada, 718–579–7059
Member Referral Number: 855–866–9432


Network Partner List – Last Updated October 28, 2013 (XLS)

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