Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center Health Home (A/C)

*Note: Health Homes with an (A/C) next to them serve both children and adults. Health Homes with a (C) serve children only and Health Homes with an (A) serve adults only.

The contact information is the most current information submitted to the department by individual Health Homes. Updates to this contact information will occur as the department is notified by the individual Health Home.

Designated: Phase 3
Designated to serve children as of December 8, 2016

Counties serving adults: Niagara
Counties serving children: Niagara


Main Contact: Vicki Landes, 716–278–4147
Alternate Contact: Catherine Velzy, 716–278–4647
Referral Contact: Catherine Velzy, 716–278–4647
Referral Contact: Raymond Mueller, 716–278–4647


Designated Contact: Vicki Landes, 716–278–4147
Designated Contact: Jennifer Mruk, 716–278–4647
Primary Contact: Raymond Mueller,


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