Health Home Performance Webinar Q & A

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January 24, 2018

Q1. Will there be any risk adjustment or risk stratifications for these performance reports?

A. Performance measures will not be risk adjusted. HEDIS measures are not risk adjusted. Health Homes should compare their rates to themselves over time, or to the statewide average, not to other Health Homes.

Q2. Do MCOs have access to Atrium?

A. MCOs will have access to the Health Home measure rates and performance data. NYSDOH-HH is currently discussing where data will be located and how MCOs will access the data.

Q3. Do State Agency Partners have access to Atrium?

A. State Agency Partners will have access to the Health Home measure rates and performance data. The New York State Department of Health-Health Home Program (NYSDOH-HHP) is currently discussing where data will be located and how state agency partners will access the data.

Q4. When will the manual be posted?

A. The Measure Specification and Reporting Manual will be posted on the Health Home website the week of January 29.

Q5. For the document that was sent out with the webinar, can you please explain how to read the denominator and rate?

A. Non-utilization measures: The denominator is the eligible population which is specific to the specifications of each measure. A member must meet certain qualifications, depending on the measure, to be compliant in the denominator. The rate is the numerator/denominator. Out of the eligible population in the denominator, the numerator is the number of members who are compliant based on the specifications for the given measure.
Utilization measures: The denominator is the number of total months members were enrolled in Medicaid. The numerator is the total number of events/visits, depending on the measure. The rate is the numerator/denominator, which is "events per member months".

Q6. What does SS mean?

A. Small Sample Size. Rates are suppressed where the denominator is less than 30.

Q7. When will Health Homes have access to Atrium?

A. Health Homes will have access to Atrium by January 26, if they provided contact information including name and HCS ID to Dan Schiller (

Q8. Can Health Homes use Health Home Development Funds (HHDF) for the purchase of Tableau and hire someone to maintain or train staff. If the HH does not use Tableau currently will NYSDOH- HHP require a more advanced version of Tableau which would include a cost to the Health Home?

A. When NYSDOH-HHP provides Tableau workbooks, Health Homes can use Tableau Reader which is a free version. If a Health Home would like to use the additional capabilities that Tableau offers HHDF can be used to purchase Tableau.

HHDF can be used for Tableau training. It is recommended that a limited number of existing staff receive training. Examples of appropriate staff include Quality Assurance/Improvement Director, Health Home Director and Data Analysts.

Q9. Are there future plans for the MCOs (including SNPs) to have more specific oversight over the lead HH´s performance in these measures?

A. NYSDOH-HHP will continue to collaborate with MCOs and looks forward to developing a plan for shared oversight of Health Home performance.

Q10. How can we as a CMA be held accountable for a measure that a previous CMA did not address or pass?

A. The lead Health Homes are ultimately responsible for the performance measures. They will work with their entire network of CMAs to discuss performance. CMA level performance measure data is not available at this time so lead Health Homes cannot compare CMA vs. CMA. Lead Health Homes have their own internal policies for assessing CMA performance.