GIS 11 MA/019: Production of BICS/CDRs

To: Local District Commissioners, Medicaid Directors, Users of the Adjudicated Claims Reports (File ADJCLMRP0000)

From: Jason A. Helgerson, Medicaid Director and Deputy Commissioner, Office of Health Insurance Programs

Subject: Production of BICS/CDRs

Effective Date: November 1, 2011

Contact Person: Medicaid Data Warehouse (518)649-4233,

Data in the current BICS will soon be allowed to "go stale" as part of the imminent transition to the new Medicaid Data Warehouse (MDW). Beginning in November of this year, BICS adjudicated claims data will no longer be updated, although data currently residing there will remain for the immediate future. Current data will have to be obtained from the MDW, or, temporarily, from the eMedNY Data Warehouse (EDW). After BICS "goes stale":

  • The BICS System may be accessed for DOS January 1995 - October 2009
  • The MDW (go live 11/12/2011) may be accessed for DOS April 2005 – current*
  • The MDW Phase II (by 11/2012) may be accessed for DOS from May 1990 - current (at which time BICS will "go dark")

*Note: The existing EDW will run parallel to the new MDW for several months, during which time users will still be able to run CDRs from the EDW.

All eMedNY Data Warehouse users will not automatically obtain access to the new Medicaid Data Warehouse (MDW). A separate MDW registration is required for all users. A county agency liaison (already defined by MDW) will work with the county contact to help with the MDW registration process. The MDW will utilize the county contact to ensure that a complete list of users to obtain MDW access from your agency is identified. Depending upon MDW user access type, either web-based or instructor-led training will be available. Access type will also determine the data that is available to the user.

Process for gaining MDW access (County Process):

  • County connection must be through the NYENET.
  • Identify a county contact for each county to work with the county agency liaison. The county contact will work with the agency liaison to identify all potential MDW county users. Send an email to identifying the county contact.
    • Subject line: County Contact - Albany (example)

Questions pertaining to MDW access and training should be addressed to the MDW at 518-649-4233, or email