GIS 14 MA/002:Medicaid Eligibility Determinations for Immediate Medical Needs

To: Local District Commissioners, Medicaid Directors

From: Gregory Allen, Director Division of Program Development and Management

Subject:Home Assessment Abstract/Care at Home III, IV and VI

Effective Date: Immediately

Contact Person: OPWDD - Lynda Baum-Jakubiak - Statewide CAH Coordinator 518-486-6466

The purpose of this GIS message is to remind local departments of social services (LDSS) staff that the 'Home Assessment Abstract' procedures have not changed for the Care at Home (CAH) III, IV and VI waivers, administered by the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

The LDSS 3139 (Home Assessment Abstract) continues to be a required element of the CAH III, IV and VI waivers. It is completed in the child's home, by a Registered Nurse (RN). This assessment is included in the initial application for the CAH III, IV or VI waivers and must be updated every six (6) months while the child is participating in the waiver.

Special Note: The Uniform Assessment System of New York (UAS-NY) does not apply to the CAH III, IV and VI waivers.

Questions regarding this procedure may be directed to Lynda Baum-Jakubiak, OPWDD Statewide Care at Home Coordinator, at (518) 486-6466.