BHP Meeting Summary

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Workgroup Name:

Basic Health Program Workgroup

Meeting Date, Time, Location:

July 31, 2013
10:00am – 12:30pm
Albany, NY

Members in Attendance:

Judith Arnold, Kate Breslin, Lauri Cole, Jeffery Gold, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, Trilby de Jung, Joseph Maldonado Jr., Lisa Sbrana, Bertram Scott, Richard Winsten, Robert Wychulis, Elisabeth Wynn, Paul Zurlo

Summary of Key Meeting Content:

The first meeting provided background information on the federal option to establish a Basic Health Program. It also raised the considerations for New York in deciding whether to implement a Basic Health Program. The group began by reviewing the BHP workgroup charge established by the enacted budget. It then summarized the BHP by discussing BHP guidelines, eligibility, and potential advantages/disadvantages. Most of the dialogue focused on decisions the state would need to make in the event a BHP were to be established. These decisions are highly dependent on pending regulations from CMS on matters of financing, impact on the marketplace, eligibility and enrollment, and other logistics.

Danielle Holahan of the NYS Health Benefit Exchange presented and compared BHP analyses from the Urban Institute and the Community Service Society. The studies differed on estimated immigrant enrollees and provider rate increases. However, they were consistent in concluding the following: BHP has the potential to increase affordability of coverage for eligible New Yorkers, the impact of BHP on the marketplace would be modest, and it creates potential for state savings.

At the end of the meeting there was consensus in support of New York continuing to explore the implementation of a BHP. When asked about the most important drivers/questions to consider going forward members suggested the following:

  • How to reduce the possibility of increased bad debt – particularly those due to transactional costs, collateral interaction, and other factors that are not necessarily dollar related?
  • Estimates of State savings in light of actual QHP rates
  • How to ensure adequate provider networks and rates
  • Will it follow Medicaid or QHP rules?
  • How can we ensure consumer simplicity, especially in regard to income transitions?
  • How do we transition between enrollment in the exchange and enrollment in the BHP without disrupting coverage?
Next Steps:

The group agreed it would be beneficial to await pending CMS regulations before meeting again. The next meeting will be devoted to answering open questions and coming to a better consensus on important decisions to be made.

Next Meeting Date, Time, Location:

September 9 or October 10 10:00am – 1:00pm
NYS DOH Metropolitan Area Regional Office
90 Church St, 4th floor, Conference Room A/B, Manhattan, NYC