Children and Family Treatment and Support Services

Allowable Licensed Practitioners of the Healing Arts (LPHA) Memo

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June 18, 2019

To: CFTSS Providers, HCBS Providers, SPOAs, Counties, Referents, and other Stakeholders

Subject: Allowable Licensed Practitioners of the Healing Arts (LPHA) for Children and Family Treatment Support Services (CFTSS) and Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), and Allowable Licensed Behavioral Health Practitioners (LBHP) providing Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP) services.

Purpose: To help clarify the allowable Licensed Practitioners for a specific Children´s Medicaid Services

The ALLOWABLE PRACTITIONERS GRID below outlines the practitioners that can do the following:

  1. Make a recommendation for a child eligible for CFTSS within their scope of practice and, as outlined in the Medical Necessity Criteria.
  2. Practitioners who can attest to a child´s meeting target and risk criteria for HCBS Eligibility Determination using the HCBS Attestation Form, and diagnose within their scope of practice.
  3. Practitioners who can provide OLP services under CFTSS as defined in CFTSS Medical Necessity and who are employed by a NYS Designated agency to provide OLP services within their scope of practice.

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Practitioners CFTSS HCBS Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP):
Registered Professional Nurse X    
Nurse Practitioner X X  
Psychiatrist X X  
Licensed Psychologist X X  
Licensed Master Social Worker X   X (Under the supervision of LCSW, psychologist or psychiatrist)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker X X X
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist X   X
Licensed Mental Health Counselor X   X
Physician X X  
Licensed Creative Arts Therapist X    
Licensed Psychoanalyst X   X
Physician´s Assistant X X  
Links to additional information Medicaid State Plan Amendment (SPA) Children and Family Treatment and Support Services Medical Necessity Criteria Guidelines – Final Updated December 2017 (PDF) Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA) Attestation – DOH-5275 (PDF) Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP) Memo – April 18, 2019