Also known as: Westchester Medical Center, WCMC

Counties served: Delaware, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, Westchester

Attribution for Performance:         144,456
Attribution for Performance 2.d.i: 453,409
Attribution for Valuation:               573,393
Total Award Dollars:                      $273,923,615

Primary/Secondary Contact List

Website address: http://www.crhi-ny.org/

PPS Newsletter: http://www.crhi-ny.org/center-for-regional-healthcare-innovation/press-room/enewsletter

Projects Selected:

  • Domain 2: 2.a.i, 2.a.iii, 2.a.iv, 2.b.iv, 2.d.i
    Domain 3: 3.a.i, 3.a.ii, 3.c.i, 3.d.iii
    Domain 4: 4.b.i, 4.b.ii

Detailed information on each project can be found in the DSRIP Project Toolkit

Project Plan Application

Final DSRIP Project Plan Application Scores and Recommendations

Mid–Point Assessment Report

Primary Care Plan

The following Primary Care Plan is open for public comment until December 21, 2016. Comments can be sent to dsrip@health.ny.gov.

PPS Quarterly Reports and Achievement Value (AV) Scorecards

PPS Performance Network List

Regulatory Waiver Response Letter(s)