Actively Engaged Update

  • Update also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 140KB)

All PPS Meeting
December 11, 2015

Discounted Targets

  • Due to concerns raised on the counting of Actively Engaged Medicaid members, DOH is working to construct an approach to discount the Actively Engaged commitment targets for all PPS.
  • Actively Engaged targets will be adjusted using a uniform approach that will involve applying a regional discount percentage to the PPS Actively Engaged commitment as a whole.
  • The regional discount percentage will attempt to be a fair estimate of the amount of actively engaged overlap that is likely to exist on average for all projects and sites.
  • DOH is working closely with HANYS and GNYHA on this issue and further guidance will be released as soon as it´s available.

Counting Actively Engaged

  • PPS are reminded that counting of Actively Engaged should not reflect counting of the same Medicaid member by multiple PPS for the same project and provider.
  • PPS are encouraged to work with any overlapping PPS to develop an approach for splitting the counts when there is overlap with projects and providers.
    • Due to the unique circumstances of PPS overlap, DOH encourages PPS to work on developing a local solution to this issue.
  • DOH will soon be providing general guidance and suggested best practices on apportioning counts when PPS overlap to help PPS work through this issue.
    • This guidance will be applied in instances where the PPS are not able to arrive at an agreed upon approach for splitting Actively Engaged counts.


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