Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program Account Support Transition

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All-PPS Meeting
February 17, 2016

Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program Account Support Transition

All-PPS Meeting
February 17, 2016

PCG´s Account Support Program

  • As of March 1, 2016 PCG will coordinate all PPS Account Support across DSRIP
    • Letter sent 2/8 to PPS leads related to new primary points of contact
    • Initial kick off calls and monthly / quarterly regular meetings have commenced
  • PCG Account Support program currently includes 11 individuals
    • Program Lead: Providing oversight and support throughout the Account Support Program
    • Performance Facilitators: Providing subject matter expertise
    • Relationship Leads: Coordinating regular and special project meetings, primary point of contact for PPS
    • Program Analysts: Assisting with inquiry adjudication
  • Independent Assessor (IA) Team is linked to Account Support behind informational firewall

Roles and responsibilities of account support program offices

An operational and information firewall has been created between the Account Support team and the Independent assessor, this is a reflection of both team´s roles and responsibilities and is meant to reduce the likelihood of any conflict of interest related to the Independent Assessors official duties.

Account Support Team (AST) Independent Assessor (IA)
  • Function as primary point of contact between PPS and DSRIP program for areas related to:
    • DSRIP program education
    • Workgroup facilitation
    • Connection to the state
    • Ongoing learning and performance improvement
  • Conduct monthly & quarterly meetings with PPS
    • Provide logistical and preparatory support for DOH on-site visits
  • Coordinate Enhanced Oversight activities of PPS whenever necessary
  • Validates quarterly report submissions and supporting documentation
    • Awards (AV) as milestones are earned.
    • Adjudicates formal appeals process
    • Provide judicious ruling on reporting activities
  • Provide annual on-site Audits / Reviews to assess PPS progress, validate documentation and conduct oversight monitoring
  • Provide technical guidance on:
    • Reporting requirements
    • Policy interpretation
    • Documentation validation
    • Updates to validation protocols

Account Support Program Overview

  • Inquiries arrive at Account Support Program via various channels (regular meetings, e-mails, phone calls, references from DOH, etc..)
  • All inquires are sent to relationship leads based on originating PPS
    • All inquiries are entered into log and assigned adjudicator
    • Inquiries are triaged by relationship lead to either the Independent Assessor or Account Support Team
      • Inquiries requiring a response from the independent assessor are de-identified prior to triaging
      • Those not requiring a finding from the independent assessor are addressed directly by the account support team
  • Where appropriate, adjudicated responses will come from either the Independent Assessor or Account Support Relationship Leads
  • Inquiries arriving directly to the Independent Assessor will be adjudicated and responded directly by the Assessor

Diagram of overview.

Transition Period Assistance

The transition of Account Support has already begun and all PPS have already been introduced to new Relationship Leads on the PCG Account Support Team. The changeover will be fully implemented by March 1.

For any assistance during or following the transition period please contact: