Medicaid Analytics & Performance Portal (MAPP) Preparation for March and April PPS-Reporting

  • Presentation also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 302KB)

All-PPS Meeting
February 17, 2016


  • PIT Updates
  • March Enhancements
    • Budget and Funds Flow Baselines
    • PIT Import for Q3 Report
  • April Features
    • Budget and Funds Flow Redesign
    • Workforce Strategy Spending
    • PIT Import for Q4 Report
    • IPP Data Extracts

PIT Updates

  • PPS have reported four types of provider data discrepancies:
    • Provider on 11/18/15 Speed & Scale excel file but not on PIT
    • Provider in 12/04/15 Network Tool but not on PIT
    • Provider not in 12/04/15 Network Tool and not on PIT
    • Provider with Safety Net flag on PIT that does not match CMS designation and/or 11/18/15 Speed & Scale excel file
  • Data provided by PPS referencing discrepancies between Network Lists and PIT tool have been communicated to the DSRIP team and has been provided to the appropriate vendors for further analysis
  • Timeframe for PPS to complete PIT import steps has been extended until Q3 remediation period (March 2nd - 16th)
  • PPS should fill out their PIT to the best of their abilities and submit for a high-level, informational-only IA review. This data will not be included as part of the DY1, Q3 Quarterly Report that will be posted on the DOH DSRIP website

March Enhancements

  • In Section 1, the Budget baseline module will be re-opened so that PPS can break out Implementation versus Administration projections.
  • In Section 1, the Funds Flow baseline module will be re-opened in order for PPS to specify disbursement of PPS-level funds, such as to their NewCo.
  • The PIT import process will be available for PPS to complete between March 2nd - 16th. An updated user guide will be distributed via the listserv on March 1st. At a high-level, the IA will review the following:
    • Engagement of key provider categories per project
    • Appropriate engagement of 12 provider categories across all PPS project implementations
    • Alignment of funds disbursed to providers with project participation

April Features

  • In Section 1, the Budget and Funds Flow modules will be undergoing a redesign to reflect the following reporting structure:
    • Funds Flow by Project
    • Funds Flow by Budget Category
  • In Section 11, the Workforce Strategy Spending baseline and quarterly modules will be required for Q4 report submission.
  • Additional reporting features will be provided to improve PPS capabilities to export data entry from modules throughout IPP.
  • The PIT will be available and required for Q4 report submission. PPS can export their Q3 file and update with accurate Q4 data, which will populate:
    • Participation in Projects
    • Funds disbursed to providers across projects
    • Providers associated with project task completion

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