DSRIP Independent Evaluator Update


  • Update is also available in Portable Document Format (PDF)

The Team

University at Albany

  • Institute for Health System Evaluation – Evaluation Lead: Diane Dewar, PhD
  • Center for Human Services Research – Qualitative/Implementation Study Lead: Rose Greene and Paloma Luisi
  • Econometrics Research Institute – Time Series Study Lead: Kajal Lahiri, PhD

Boston University

  • School of Public Health – Comparative Analysis Lead: Christopher Louis, PhD

University of Maryland

  • School of Public Health – Comparative Analysis Consultation: Dylan Roby, PhD

Scope of Evaluation

Seven Research Questions Addressed

  • To what extent did Performing Provider Systems achieve health care system transformation, including increasing the availability of behavioral health care?
  • Did health care quality improve as a result of clinical improvements in the treatment of selected diseases and conditions?
  • Did population health improve as a result of implementation of the DSRIP initiative?
  • Was Avoidable Hospital Use Reduced as a Result of DSRIP?
  • Did DSRIP reduce health care costs?
  • Was DSRIP cost effective in terms of New York State and Federal governments receiving adequate value for their investments?
  • What were the successes and challenges with respect to PPS planning, implementation, operation, and plans for program sustainability from the perspectives of DSRIP planners, administrators, and providers, and why were they successful or challenging?

Time Series/ Comparative Analysis Updates

Quantitative secondary data analysis updates

  • Data Access for Medicaid claims data approved
    • Beginning work on MDW claims data
  • Data Access for SPARCS and Vital Records under review this month
  • Data Storage approvals with NYSDOH

Process/Implementation Study – Research Topics

  • Facilitators and Barriers to Pay–for–Performance Metrics
  • Perceived Outcomes
  • Patient Experience

Process/Implementation Study – Activities Timeline (DY3)

Process/Implementation Study – Partner Survey and Focus Groups


  • Sample target: Representatives from PPS partners who are knowledgeable about projects/DSRIP
  • Dates:
    • 9/12/2017 – Partner samples to due to IE
    • 9/18/2017 – IE to announce upcoming survey to sample list
    • 9/25/2017 – Survey to launch
  • Incentives
    • Incentives (e.g., gift cards) will be offered to selected respondents

Focus groups

  • Cycle 1 in the Capital District and Adirondacks
  • Organized by provider type (4 groups)
  • Will be incentives for participation


Contact for Evaluation Overall: Diane Dewar, ddewar@Albany.edu

Contact for PPS Comparative Study: Christopher Louis, louisc@bu.edu

Contact for Qualitative/Implementation Study: Paloma Luisi, pluisi@Albany.edu; Rose Greene, rgreene@Albany.edu

Contact for Time Series Study: Kajal Lahiri, klahiri@Albany.edu