PPS Quarterly Report Disclaimer

DSRIP Year 1 - Quarter 2

In accordance with the MRT waiver amendment Special Terms & Conditions (STCs), Performing Provider Systems seeking payment under the DSRIP program, are required to submit reports to the state demonstrating progress on each of their projects as measured by the milestones and metrics described in their approved DSRIP plan. Based on the reports, the state will calculate the incentive payments for the progress achieved according to the approved DSRIP project plans. The Performing Provider System shall have available for review by New York or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), upon request, all supporting data and back-up documentation. These reports will serve as the basis for authorizing incentive payments to Performing Provider Systems for achievement of DSRIP milestones.

NOTE: DSRIP Year 1 Quarter 2 reports document progress each PPS has made on their implementation efforts. The contents of these quarterly reports represent the efforts of the PPS through September 30, 2015. The Quarter 2 reports serve as the basis for determining Achievement Values and performance payments for the first of two semi-annual payments during each of the five DSRIP Years (in DSRIP Year 1, this is the second of three payments with the first based on the approved DSRIP Project Plan). Included in these documents are the current status of PPS milestones as determined through the reviews of the DSRIP Independent Assessor as well as formal comments from the Independent Assessor on those milestones tied to Achievement Values.

Additional considerations in reviewing the DSRIP Year 1 Quarter 2 reports are noted below:

Some PPS did not make Actively Engaged commitments for projects during this reporting period, which is reflected as a 0 for the Actively Engaged target in the Quarterly Report for those PPS and projects. As such, the Achievement Values associated with the Actively Engaged milestone for those PPS projects was considered Not Applicable (N/A). This ensures the PPS is neither benefitting nor penalized for making no commitment for this reporting period.
As DOH is working to develop regional discount factors that will apply to future Actively Engaged commitment targets, the Department has authorized a one-time reduction to the minimum threshold for earning the Achievement Values for Actively Engaged milestones. This one-time reduction modified the minimum threshold from 80% of the PPS commitment to 75% of the PPS commitment. Any PPS that reported and documented that they have successfully engaged at least 75% of their Actively Engaged commitment for this reporting period were awarded the associated Achievement Value.
For the Workforce Organizational Achievement Value, PPS were awarded an Achievement Value if they demonstrated progress towards completing the Compensation and Benefits Analysis or the Workforce Budget reporting. However, as these were not required reporting components for this period, PPS that did not report on the Compensation and Benefits Analysis or the Workforce Budget received a Not Applicable (N/A) for the Workforce Organizational Achievement Value to ensure those PPS were neither benefitting nor penalized for not updating these items when they were not required.

The PPS will be required to provide updates on their progress towards achieving Domain 1 milestones in subsequent Quarterly Reports. PPS will also have the ability to expand upon their plans in subsequent Quarterly Reports as their projects evolve through implementation efforts.

These quarterly reports were initially submitted by October 31, 2015. The submissions were subjected to an initial review for a 30 day period, including sample requests to support milestone completion, followed by a PPS remediation period and final approval by December 31, 2015.