PPS Quarterly Report Disclaimer

DSRIP Year 4 – Quarter 4

Below are the final DSRIP Year 4, Quarter 4 Quarterly Reports for each of New York State´s 25 Performing Provider Systems (PPS). In accordance with the MRT waiver amendment Special Terms & Conditions (STCs), Performing Provider Systems seeking payment under the DSRIP program, are required to submit reports to the state demonstrating progress on each of their projects as measured by the milestones and metrics described in their approved DSRIP plan. Based on the reports, the state will calculate the incentive payments for the progress achieved according to the approved DSRIP project plans. The Performing Provider System shall have available for review by the State of New York or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), upon request, all supporting data and back–up documentation. These reports will serve as the basis for authorizing incentive payments to Performing Provider Systems for achievement of DSRIP milestones.

NOTE: On this page are the DSRIP Year 4, Quarter 4 reports submitted by each PPS in which the PPS documented progress on their implementation efforts. The contents of these quarterly reports represent the efforts of the PPS through March 31, 2019. The Quarter 4 reports serve as the basis for determining Achievement Values for efforts through DSRIP Year 4, Quarter 4. The results from these reports will be used in the determination of the second performance payment in DSRIP Year 4 following the completion of the DSRIP Year 4, Quarter 4 report. Included in these documents are the current status of PPS milestones as determined through the reviews of the DSRIP Independent Assessor as well as formal comments from the Independent Assessor on those milestones tied to Achievement Values.

These quarterly reports were initially submitted by April 30, 2019. The submissions were subjected to an initial review for a 30–day period, including sample requests to support milestone completion, followed by a PPS remediation period and final approval by June 30, 2019.