Tentative MRT Waiver/DSRIP Key Dates Year 0*

April 14 DSRIP Year 0 begins
April 29 Public comments on MRT Waiver Amendment due
April 29 DSRIP Planning Design Grant application released
April 30 Draft IAAF Application released; public comment period begins
May 14 Public comments on Attachments I & J due
May 14 Public comments on IAAF due
May 15 Non-binding Performing Provider System Letter of Intent due
May 16 Final IAAF Application released
May 28 Public Comments on Toolkit due
May 30 IAAF Applications due
Mid-June IAAF Awards announced
June 26 DSRIP Planning Design Grant application due
August 6 DSRIP Planning Design Grant awards made
September 29 Draft DSRIP Project Plan application released;
public comment period begins
October 29 Public comments on draft DSRIP Project Plan application due
November 10 Non-public leads to submit intent to pursue 11 th project
November 10 DSRIP PPS Lead & PPS Lead Financial Stability Test due
November 12 Submit last interim partner lists for attribution (3rd Round)
November 12 Feedback from DSRIP Design Grant midpoint assessment post to web
November 14 Updated DSRIP Project Plan Application posted to web
November 14 DSRIP Project Plan Application Prototype posted to web
Mid-November 3rd Round of initial attribution results published
November 18 Capital Restructuring Financing application posted to web
November 18 DASNY Webinar re: Tax Exempt Bonds for PPS Leads
November 20 Financial Stability Test results made available
November 21 Applicant Conference regarding the Capital Restructuring
Financing Program
December 1 Leads to submit final partner lists in Network Tool
December 1 Optional: Project Plans Applications completed by PPSs
for DSRIP Support Team review
December 2 Project Plan Application Tool published (Sections 1-9, except Section 4)
December 3 Revised Project Plan Application documents published
December 3 Independent Assessor´s revised Prototype Scoring and Responses released
December 4 Scale and Speed of Application template released
by DSRIP Support Team to PPS Leads
(no later than)
December 16
Scale and Speed of Application responses due from PPS Leads to KPMG
December 17 Project Plan Application Tool (Sections 4, 10, 11) published
December 19 VAP Exception Results published
December 22 Project Plan Application completed and submitted by
PPS Lead Interim Scale and Speed submission completed by PPS Lead
January 13 Independent Assessor completes DSRIP Project Plan checklist
review of each application
January 14 Final Scale and Speed Submission completed and submitted by PPS Lead
January 15 DSRIP Project Plan Application PDFs posted to the web, public comment
period on Project Plan Applications begins
February 2 Independent Assessor recommendations made public
February 15 Public comment period on Project Plan Applications ends
February 17-20 DSRIP Project Approval & Oversight Panel public hearings & meetings re:
IA recommendations, makes final recommendations to state
February 24 PHI DEAA & BAA forms due from PPSs
March 9 New partner (for Performance) templates completed and submitted from PPSs
March 27 Attribution for Performance results released to PPS Leads
March 30 Public Comment Period on Value Based Payment Roadmap ends at 3:00 pm
April 1 DSRIP Year 1 begins

∗All dates are subject to change.