Patient Confidentiality

(Co–chaired by: Kathleen Shure and Charles King)

Goal: The Patient Confidentiality (PC) Workgroup's goal was to address outstanding patient privacy issues that may be implicated because of VBP and to produce a recommendation report with suggested approaches.

Number of members: 40

Please note the following:

Counsel from various agencies and organizations were in attendance. However, points where legal interpretations were discussed do not imply it was a conversation specific amongst counsel, or that consensus represents “legal consensus”.

The minutes are written in present tense to that point in the meeting series, and points subject to change during subsequent sessions.

Meetings Summary: The following table provides a summary of the VBP PI workgroup meetings 1 – 3, inclusive of meeting minutes and key decisions.

Schedule of meetings:
Meeting number Date Venue Meeting materials
Meeting #1 10/26/16 Albany
Meeting #2 11/08/16 Albany
Meeting #3 11/22/16 Albany
Meeting #4 12/21/16 Albany