Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) Value Based Payment (VBP) Quality Measure Data Reporting Timeline

A Supplement to the VBP 2019 Reporting Requirements Technical Specifications Manual

  • Presentation is also available in Portable Document Format (PDF)

January 2019


  • MLTC plans and providers should review the annual guidance on VBP reporting posted on the New York State (NYS) Department of Health (DOH) website in the VBP Resource Library
    • The document – VBP 2019 Reporting Requirements Technical Specifications Manual – incorporates MLTC and provides quality measure reporting and data file format requirements including the attribution methodology
  • This document – a supplement to the manual – provides a visual timeline for data reporting through December 2020

Acronyms used in the document:

  • PAH denotes the Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations quality measure
  • VBP QI denotes Value Based Payment Quality Indicators
  • SPARCS denotes Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System
  • OQPS denotes Office of Quality and Patient Safety
  • MY denotes measurement year

NYSDOH VBP Resource Library is available here.

Key Concepts

  • Attribution – Connects members to providers/ VBP Contractors for the purpose of VBP quality measurement
    • Submitted annually to OQPS in August
    • Covers a 15–month enrollment period to the prior April (15 months is required to capture 3 months of continuous enrollment leading up to the month of July)
    • Attribution files will be used retrospectively for 6 months of prior–year quality measure calculation and prospectively for 6 months of current–year quality measure calculation, crossing 2 measurement years
  • Quality Measures Recommended for Use in VBP
    • Finalized and posted to DOH website in October in the Annual VBP Reporting Manual
    • PAH is calculated by New York State and captures a primary diagnosis of heart failure, respiratory infection, electrolyte imbalance, sepsis, anemia, or urinary tract infection
      • PAH for community members will be calculated based on specific Plan/Provider–VBP Contractor attribution combinations
      • PAH for long–stay nursing home members will be calculated annually by facility
  • Rates and Payment – NYS will use VBP quality results to provide incentives for Plans and VBP Contractors
    • Quality results for MY 2018 will affect 2020–21 rates
    • Quality results for MY 2019 will affect 2021–22 rates
    • Quality results for MY 2020 will affect 2022–23 rates

Timeline Overview

Partially Capitated MLTC plans

MY 2019
  • Plans will submit an attribution file in August 2019 to cover 15 months of plan/provider enrollment (April 2018 – June 2019)
  • Preliminary Community PAH Rates for January – June 2019 data will be released in March 2020
  • Final rates that include data for the January – December 2019 PAH measurement period (for both Community and Nursing Home) and the July 2018 – June 2019 VBP QI will be released in October 2020

MLTC VBP Quality Measure Data Reporting Timeline

Partially Capitated MLTC plans

MLTC VBP Quality Measure Data Reporting Timeline

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