VBP Subcommittee Information

In order to develop detailed design of the Payment Reform and transition towards VBP in NYS according to the vision laid out in the VBP Roadmap, the State leveraged the VBP Workgroup to create five Subcommittees. These subcommittees functioned between June and December 2015.

What were Subcommittees?

  • VBP Subcommittees play a crucial role in terms of developing the VBP implementation details.
  • Each Subcommittee was comprised of stakeholders who had direct interest in, or knowledge of, the specific topics related to each respective Subcommittee agenda.
  • Each Subcommittee had co–chairs designated by the VBP Workgroup. The co–chairs helped to manage the Subcommittee toward the development of a final Subcommittee Recommendation Report.

Subcommittee Meeting Materials

Final Subcommittee Recommendations

Through their efforts, each Subcommittee developed a list of recommendations to aid in the design and implementation of VBP in NYS. These recommendations are documented in full in the Recommendations Report, and in list form in the Recommendation Matrix: