NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

Participation Requirements

In addition to meeting the general requirements for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, an Eligible Hospital must complete a series of steps and validations before attesting. The information on this page is to help in the preparations for attesting in Participation Year 1.

The three prerequisite tasks for hospitals are 1) Preparing Hospital Encounter Data, 2) CMS Registration and Attestation, and 3) NYS Requirements. Below is a quick checklist of what any hospital needs to be ready, and the sections where information regarding that item may be found.

The following forms are needed by a hospital:

  • (1) Preparing Hospital Encounter Data
  • (2) CMS Registration and Attestation
  • (3) eMedNY EFT Payment form
  • (3) ETIN Enrollment or Association

EPs who are in their first participation year of the program must meet all eligibility requirements. EPs must also adopt, implement, or upgrade to a certified EHR system to be eligible for the first incentive payment.

Preparing Hospital Encounter Data

There are two very good resources available to assist with getting the right information gathered that is needed for attesting. The first resource is the webinar schedule, which will give you a good context for the program requirements and provide an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The second resource is the EH workbook, which allows you to gather the items you will need to report on, and gives you information on where you can find that information. When you have completed the workbook information, you will know what information will be used within your attestation.

It is extremely helpful to utilize the support that is available, and when you have a question, to know whom you can contact. Please use the table below to contact whichever support team fits your need/questions.

NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Support CMS EHR Help Desk
(Federal Registration and Medicare Attestation)
Phone: 877–646–5410
Hours: M–F 8:30am–5:00pm ET
Phone: 888–734–6433
Hours: M–F 8:30am–7:30pm ET

CMS Registration and Attestation

A hospital may choose to be Medicare Only, Medicaid Only, or Dually–Eligible. If Medicare Only, then you would register and attest through CMS and the NYS information will not be applicable to you. If Medicaid only, then you will register through CMS, but attest only using MEIPASS. If you are dually eligible, you will register and attest for Medicare through CMS, and then attest for Medicaid through NYS. In every case, the registration at CMS is done.

Additionally, it should be noted that there are some differences between the Medicare (CMS) and the Medicaid (MEIPASS) requirements, which are important to understand. First, in regard to Meaningful Use, when you meet eligibility for Medicare, it is accepted for Medicaid as well; you do not have to fill out the MU information twice. Clearly, this is pertinent to dually eligible hospitals only. A second difference is that the Medicare attestations must be done in 3 consecutive years, while the Medicaid attestations can be done with more than a year between, if needed. While this will likely affect only the Medicaid Only hospitals, it is something to consider if you are new to using EHR Technology, and the extra years could get you up and running more practically for your situation.

When you register, even if you opt to pursue only Medicaid at first, but you are able to be deemed dually eligible, choose dual eligibility when you register at CMS! It is not simple to change from an Only to a Dually-Eligible hospital after the fact, so do make your choice carefully!

If a provider needs assistance with registering or correcting a registration on the CMS attestation site, they can call the CMS Help Desk using the number in the table above. Also, please review and download the Registration User Guide for Hospitals in the table below, which is very helpful!

Links for CMS Registration Information

CMS EHR Registration Page

CMS EHR Incentive Program Home Page

Registration User Guide for Eligible Hospitals

ONC Certified HIT Product List (CHPL)

NYS Requirements

There are two prerequisites that all hospitals and professionals must meet in New York State to be prepared for attesting; 1) They must be enrolled as active fee–for–service Medicaid Providers in good standing with New York State, who are billable and payable within Medicaid; and 2) They must have an active ETIN to which that ePACES account is associated, that will be acceptable both for Medicare use and Medicaid use (i.e. that both CMS and eMedNY can validate within their systems).

1. Medicaid Enrollment and EFT Authorization

NYS Department of Health now requires all billing providers to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) or PDF Remittance Advice. Existing enrolled providers have begun receiving notices with their yearly Certification Statement, indicating (based on their existing enrollment information) whether they need to complete and submit the EFT and/or ERA/PDF forms in addition to submitting the signed and notarized Certification Statement. For additional information please review the 10/25/2013 eMedNY Newsletter Update outlining this guidance.

For your convenience, below are links to the EFT Authorization form as well as enrollment information that might be needed by the Hospital.

Links for Medicaid Enrollment Information

EFT Authorization Form

Medicaid Enrollment Forms Main Page

Hospital Enrollment Page

2. ETIN Association

The Electronic Transmitter ID Number (ETIN) is a billing code that allows the electronic submission of New York Medicaid claims for providers as well as checking eligibility. The ETIN is required to maintain Medicaid enrollment, which is required to maintain eligibility for the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.

Links for ETIN Enrollment and Association Information

Complete ETIN Enrollment Form

ETIN Association Form
(Page 3 of the Enrollment Form)

ETIN Recertification Form
(Page 3 of the Enrollment Form)

If you are unsure whether a provider has an ETIN associated to them or you have forgotten the logon credentials for ePACES enrollment you can call the eMedNY Call Center or the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Call Center.