Technical Assistance Call Questions & Answers

Published June 9, 2020

Question & Answer
Who should submit the EVV data to NYSDOH (Provider, MCO, EVV system)?

A: The NYS Department of Health (DOH) has selected the Choice Model to provide flexibility and enable providers to select solution options that best address the wide range of needs and preferences of New York State Medicaid consumers while preserving existing investments in EVV solutions. Providers should decide how EVV data will be submitted based on the arrangement that best fits their chosen solution.

DOH is designing the data submission interface to handle a wide variety of submitters, including "third parties" or "proxies" such as MCOs and Verification Organizations (VOs). Providers may choose to submit EVV data directly to DOH. However, DOH anticipates that that the most convenient arrangement for many providers will be to have MCOs and VOs submit a subset of the EVV data elements that most of them already collect to DOH on the providers´ behalf.
When will the process for registering our chosen EVV system with the aggregator be released?

A: DOH is working to determine the requirements for registering EVV solutions to submit data to the statewide aggregator. The goal is to utilize current provider enrollment processes to the greatest extent possible. The process for registering will be communicated on an upcoming Technical Assistance Call and via the EVV and eMedNY PCS and HHCS Listservs and will then be posted on the DOH EVV website.
How do we know if our current EVV provider/component is compliant with the requirements?

A: Providers have the flexibility and freedom to utilize their current EVV systems or choose an EVV solution that best fits the needs of the consumers they serve and their organization, so long as it meets the requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act and is capable of submitting EVV data to eMedNY. There is currently no DOH process for certifying that individual EVV solutions meet these requirements.

Providers must make independent decisions about what EVV systems they will purchase or continue to utilize. Providers should ensure that they review the 21 st Century Cures Act and should also reference the DOH EVV Website for recommended considerations for selecting your EVV System
Have you decided who/ how you will choose the New York State´s Data Aggregator partner moving forward?

A: DOH will utilize the existing Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), eMedNY, to build the statewide aggregator and facilitate collection of EVV data. The eMedNY system is maintained by the State´s existing Fiscal Agent, CSRA, a division of General Dynamics.

Further information on this implementation is being provided on the bi-weekly Technical Assistance Calls. Registration and schedule for upcoming calls is located on the DOH EVV Website
Where will the Interface Control Document be published and how will you communicate the publication of this document?

A: A draft Interface Control Document (ICD) has been posted to the DOH EVV Website for review and comment. A finalized version will be posted to the same website when finalized. DOH will communicate the publication of the ICD via the EVV Listserv, eMedNY PCS and HHCS Listserv, and through the bi-weekly Technical Assistance Calls.

To sign up for the EVV Listserv, please send an email to, and include the following in your email sign-up request: SUBSCRIBE EVV-L YourFirstName YourLastName. If you have questions or comments on the ICD please email: DOH EVV Website
Do you expect that in the future EVV data will be submitted on the 837?

A: DOH will continue to evaluate EVV data needs after the January 1st, 2021 implementation deadline. As part of this evaluation, DOH will consider modifying New York State requirements based on the success of the initial implementation. The option for EVV data to be submitted on the 837 will be one of the options considered.