FIDA Rack Cards

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Medicaid and Medicare together – for better health, and a better life.

Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA) is a health plan that brings together Medicare and Medicaid. It is centered on you, and it provides all the care you need in one place.

In FIDA, you will be a part of a care team. It may include your doctors, home care aid, your relative, or anyone you trust. The care team will be there to help you make decisions about your health and to make sure you can get all the Medicare and Medicaid services you need. They will connect you to a network of health care and supportive services and help you schedule your doctor appointments.

To join a FIDA plan, you must:

  • Be 21 years or older;
  • Have Medicare & Medicaid
  • Reside in Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond, or Nassau
  • Need long–term care
You will not have to pay extra to be a FIDA plan member. There are no monthly plan premiums, co-payments or deductibles.

When I join a FIDA plan, what benefits do I get?

  • All Medicare (including Part D and drugs) and Medicaid services
  • A care team who will help you get needed medicines and services like home care and arrange transportation
  • Long term care services like home care, and additional long term care services like non-medical transportation, respite services, substance-abuse services, and positive behavioral interventions and support
  • No need for referrals to see specialists
  • One ID card to get all Medicare, Medicaid, and long term care benefits
  • One phone number for all questions about your benefits
  • Extra protection if you ever have a problem with your FIDA plan for Medicare and Medicaid appeals.

Find out more about FIDA

Call New York Medicaid Choice 1 (855) 600–3432

(TTY users: 1 (888) 329–1541;)

Visit to see FIDA plans you could join in your county.