Success Stories

Mr. B and VNSNY CHOICE FIDA Complete

Mr. B is a 57-year-old male diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, hypertension, depression and osteoarthritis. A recent member of VNSNY CHOICE FIDA Complete, he lives with his elderly father who is unable to provide care for him. During a monthly call, Mr. B’s FIDA Care Manager (CM) was informed that he was experiencing mood swings, and frequent outbursts of verbal aggression towards his home health aides and father.

The CM discussed the behavior with Mr. B, who did not deny the occurrences. The Care Manager suggested a neurology consultation or session with a psychiatrist, covered under FIDA’s behavioral health benefits. Mr. B refused both of these options, stating he did not want to leave his home to seek treatment. As a solution to this, the Care Manager suggested referring him to a VNSNY CHOICE FIDA Complete’s behavioral health vendor for in-home counseling and intensive case management. Initially, Mr. B was hesitant, but the CM continued to provide education on the benefits of counseling, stating the behavioral health vendor could also provide additional referrals and resources to address his mental health, and other psychosocial needs.

The Care Manager also began to engage with Mr. B’s nephew, who serves as Mr. B’s power of attorney. Historically, his nephew had not been very involved with his care. In reaching out to his nephew, the CM explained the importance of the power of attorney - and a younger, more capable family member - taking a more active role in his uncle’s care. The CM encouraged his nephew to be more involved and supportive.

Mr. B eventually complied with his CM’s recommendation and a referral was sent to a FIDA CHOICE behavioral health vendor. After a Licensed Clinical Social Worker visited and analyzed Mr. B, he was referred to a home-visiting therapist. Through collaboration with the CM, social worker and therapist, it was identified that a neurology consult would necessary to identify if there were any medical issues causing the outbursts. The CM arranged an appointment with a neurologist and worked with Mr. B’s nephew, father and the home health aide to ensure Mr. B got to his neurology appointment, and continued going to appointments for all required diagnostic testing, including x-rays and an MRI.

After the completion of diagnostic testing, it was determined that Mr. B’s behavior required a mental health aide, not medical intervention. He began seeing a psychiatrist regularly and was prescribed medication. He became more cooperative, and his agitation decreased. With continued therapy, Mr. B is now more engaged in his care, and shows improved insight into both his physical and behavioral health conditions. FIDA CHOICE’s social workers are now helping him explore concrete entitlements and housing options. Mr. B believes is looking forward to the next step in his life – and care. He has expressed that he is calmer person now, trusts people more and feels a lot better about himself.