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Supervising Nurse E - A provider testimonial

With so much going on these days I just wanted to take a moment to share with the group how teamwork is always the best way to get things done. My team was asked to make a home visit to the residence of Mr. K, an 85-year-old male living alone in a subsidized housing community in Nassau County.

Nurse T and I made a joint home visit and found that although Mr. K had mobility issues and required the use of a wheelchair (which he had to propel with his feet), his home was clean and orderly. He himself was well kempt, pleasant and cooperative. He stated he has a brother and a sister that help when they can, but he has always done things on his own. He was concerned because lately it has become harder to do the things he used to, especially to go outside just to take out the garbage, go to the grocery store or run errands, and make the necessary medical appointments.

We assisted Mr. K with several letters he had from NYSDOH, and Nassau DSS. We educated him about the plan, and about his Medicaid issues. When we got back to the office Nurse T was able to work her magic; she found out what additional documentation requested by DSS by reaching out to Ms. B and Mr. G, who helped administratively with our shared folders. We were able to get the necessary paper work from Mr. K and it was all submitted to DSS in time.

Since Mr. K needed to have another CF assessment (due to the last one's expiration), we educated him on how to go about making the call and setting up the appointment. Upon making the call he was able to get an assessment for the following week. Mr. K was so happy he exclaimed, "I am so grateful for your visit. I've been trying to get help for over three months and this is the first time that someone really helped." I knew he felt less anxious and more confident about being able to get help in his home. It was wonderful to see the effect of our visit and teamwork in getting him the care he needed. The relief on his face on his face was apparent. Upon leaving, we provided our contact information and told him to call anytime.