Success Stories

Ms. J

Miss J is a FIDA participant, enrolled in HealthFirst AbsoluteCare. Held in the rehab center of a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), she wasn´t recovering or going to physical therapy due to her unmanageable level of pain. Her FIDA care manager kept in touch with Miss J; after deducing that her pain was compromising her improvement, the care manager had her PSCP include treatment at a pain management clinic. Once her pain was under control, she was able to participate in physical therapy, and her condition improved well enough for her to be discharged from SNF.

In order to continue as a short-stay SNF rehab beneficiary, an individual must show progress in his or her condition. If no improvement occurs, the individual becomes a long-stay custodial resident in the Nursing Facility, and the likelihood of returning home is less. Thanks to the Miss J´s FIDA care manager, Miss J´s discharge back home was painless.