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Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) II

Public Forum #1

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February 14, 2020

Overview of MRT II

Description of MRT II

  • Announced by Governor Cuomo in the FY 2021 Executive Budget Presentation
  • Comprised of healthcare experts and stakeholders
  • Charged with making advisory findings and recommendations
  • A package of findings and recommendations will be delivered by the MRT Team to the Governor before April 1

How MRT I Worked

  • Generated new ideas about how to achieve efficiencies while improving quality
  • Gained stakeholder consensus around recommendations resulting in $2.2 billion in Medicaid savings
  • Outlined areas for savings and longer-term structural reforms
  • MRT I recommendations led to the $8 billion DSRIP waiver awarded in 2014.

The Approach of MRT II

  • MRT II should build on the successful strategies of MRT I, while making course corrections where necessary.
  • Restore financial sustainability by implementing immediately actionable reforms.
  • Take steps toward longer term structural changes that need more time for implementation.

Goals of MRT II

The Governor Has Directed MRT II to…

  • Address drivers of greater-than-projected costs and growth in the Medicaid program;
  • Improve care management and care delivery for beneficiaries with complex health conditions;
  • Modernize regulations, laws, policies, and programs that hinder progress on quality or achieving efficiencies in the Medicaid program and for the health care industry; and
  • Ensure a stable and appropriately skilled workforce, especially with respect to meeting the needs of an aging population.
  • Advance the State´s successful healthcare reform strategy while restoring fiscal sustainability and ensuring access to benefits;
  • Strengthen the sustainability of essential safety net healthcare providers serving vulnerable populations;
  • Reassess Medicaid global cap metrics and ensure access to quality care for Medicaid members;
  • Maximize service delivery system efficiencies and align supply and demand; and
  • Reduce waste, fraud, and abuse to ensure the efficient and effective use of Medicaid dollars.

Timeline & Public Engagement


Feb. 4
  • Announce MRT membership
Meeting 1
Feb. 11
  • Hold first meeting in Albany
  • Outline membership, process, timeline and provide overview of Medicaid Program
  • Overview of Medicaid program, budget pressures
Meeting 2
Mar. 2
  • Review public feedback and policy proposals
  • Review condensed list of proposals
  • Discuss proposal evaluation framework
Meeting 3
  • Review draft reform proposals
  • Discuss modifications
  • Finalize recommendations
Public Engagement
In addition, DOH will organize the following:
  • Livestream of MRT II meetings
  • One Public Webinar to review MRT II and the MRT II process;
  • Three Public Comment Days held in separate regions of the State; and
  • MRT II Proposal Submission Tool to communicate proposals directly to State officials

Guidelines for Public Comment Day

Guidelines for Public Comment Day

  • If you´d like to speak, please sign up at the registration table.
  • When your number is called, please come up to the microphone.
  • Comments will be timed. You will have 3 minutes to provide feedback.
  • Please return your number to one of the timekeepers.

Proposal Submission Process

Proposal Submission Process

  • MRT II proposals may be submitted through the Public Proposal Submission Form which can be accessed here.
  • Proposals must be submitted on or about February 21st at 12:00 pm.

Questions regarding MRT II and the MRT II process may be submitted to:

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