MAP Member Notice - CORE Service Eligibility

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Plan Letterhead - Template


<Barcode><Letter Code>
<City>, <State>, <Zip>

Dear <Eligible MAP Member>:

You are eligible for Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment (CORE) Services as of <DATE>. CORE Services can help you reach your personal and health goals when you have mental health and/or addiction needs. <Plan Name> will cover CORE Services.

You can use your <Plan Name> plan card to get CORE Services.

To get CORE Services you will need a recommendation from a qualified provider, like a doctor or social worker.

The four CORE Services are:

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)
This service helps with life skills, like:

  • aking social connections,
  • finding or keeping a job,
  • starting or returning to school, and
  • using community resources.

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (CPST)
This service helps you manage symptoms through counseling and clinical treatment.

Empowerment Services - Peer Supports
This service connects you to peer specialists who have gone through recovery. You will get support and assistance with learning how to:

  • live with health challenges and be independent,
  • help you make decisions about your own recovery, and
  • find natural supports and resources.

Family Support and Training (FST)
This service gives your family and friends the information and skills to help and support you.

Do I need an assessment for CORE Services?
No, you do not need the New York State Eligibility Assessment to get CORE Services. You can get a CORE service if it is recommended for you by a qualified provider. The qualified provider may want to discuss your diagnosis and needs before making a recommendation for one or more CORE services to meet your needs and goals.

How do I find a qualified provider to recommend me for CORE Services?
Your primary care provider or therapist may be able to make a recommendation for CORE Services. If you need help finding a qualified provider, contact member services at the number below. You can also ask your care manager for help.

Your member handbook has information about these benefits. This update is on our website at: <insert hyperlink>

<Plan Name> is here for you.

Please call your <Plan Name> member services at <insert phone number> < add TTY info> for questions or help getting CORE Services.

Please call member services at <insert phone number> < add TTY info> if you:

  • need assistance connecting with your <Plan Name> care manager;
  • cannot access our website to see the update; or
  • want the member handbook update mailed to you.


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