Medicaid Redesign Team: News Articles and Clips

News Articles and Reports

Date Articles
6.15.16 Clinical Interventions Addressing Nonmedical Health Determinants in Medicaid Managed Care
6.7.16 Advancing Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care: A Continuum-Based Framework
June 2016 Supportive Housing Spotlight, Homeless to Housed in Long Island
5.25.16 Citizens Budget Commission Report on Medicaid Redesign Team Progress, press release
5.13.16 Confined to Nursing Homes, but Longing (and Ready) for Home
4.21.16 Implementing New York's DSRIP Program: Implications for Medicaid Payment and Delivery System Reform
April 2016 Supportive Housing Spotlight, Supportive Services Reunite Family in Yonkers
3.31.16 Coping With Opioids Use: State Response To One Aspect Of A Complex Problem Offers Some Hope
12.28.15 Combatting Late-Life Depression, System-Wide and One Loved One at a Time
12.9.15 The Future Is Now: A Step in the Right Direction for a Vulnerable Population
10.19.15 The State Of Medicaid In New York: Progress And The Road To Value-Based Payments
10.15.15 How regional health organizations plan to distribute millions in state money for Medicaid transformation
10.15.15 Memorial Medical Center´s Rapid Response Team to benefit patients dealing with chronic disease
9.30.15 October 2 Health Reform and Re-Entry Forum
9.30.15 GSI Health Platform Delivers Care Coordination and Robust Analytics across ACO, DSRIP, Health Home, CMMI, HARP, and Children´s Health Home Landscape
7.22.15 Housing Is A Prescription For Better Health
7.13.15 N.Y. Housing Development Seeks to Reduce Medicaid Costs
6.29.15 State confirms Albany-area health systems to get $400M
6.22.15 New York´s $7.4 billion game plan for overhauling Medicaid
5.26.15 Population-focused health care
5.18.15 First Supportive Housing Development Financed with Medicaid Redesign Team Savings
5.5.15 Top 25 and finalists for Innovations in Government Award announced by Ash Center
5.2.15 NY Medicaid overhaul envisions combined outpatient care
5.1.15 The State of Children´s Health Care Quality in Medicaid and CHIP: Who Are the Higher-Performing States?
4.29.15 Cuomo announces blueprint to end AIDS epidemic
4.8.15 Cuomo´s quiet Medicaid miracle: He is succeeding where countless predecessors failed
3.30.15 Pay for Performance Extends to Health Care in New York State Experiment
2.2.15 State looks to health goals
1.27.15 Hits Outnumber Misses in the Governor´s FY 2016 Budget Proposal
12.11.14 New Medicaid Plan in Monroe, Other Counties
12.5.14 New Health Group Aims to Provide Better Care at a Lower Cost to CNY´s Medicaid Population
10.6.14 Medicaid´s Managed Care Model a Success for Patients and the System
7.30.14 Medicaid Redesign to Include Recipient Input
4.25.14 New York´s Medicaid Challenge
4.14.14 State Finalizes Deal for $8B Medicaid Waiver
12.19.13 The New England Journal of Medicine - Housing as Health Care - New York´s Boundary-Crossing Experiment
10.17.13 City Limits - Let´s Treat Housing as a Health Issue
9.15.13 NY building Low-Cost Housing Under Medicaid
8.28.13 NY Taking Steps to Curb Rising Medical Costs
8.11.13 USA Today - States Scramble to Drive Down Medicaid Drug Costs
8.10.13 Utica OD - State Setting Up New System to Help Expensive Patients
8.2.13 Wall Street Journal - New York State Rethinks Medicaid
8.1.13 Epoch Times - $10 Billion Medicaid Waiver Could Aid Struggling New York Hospitals
7.30.13 Newsday - State Health Commissioner Touts Prevention at LIA Meeting
7.16.13 New York Times - Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%
6.25.13 Buffalo News - Health Home Deals with More Than Just Medicine for Medicaid Patients
3.7.13 Times Union - A National Model for Medicaid Reform
3.4.13 Politico - Commission Advocates Ending Fee-for-Service System
2.13.13 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Saving Medicaid-Advancing Health Reform
9.17.12 New York Times - New York´s Medicaid Reforms
8.23.12 Bloomberg Businessweek - New York´s Model for Medicaid Managed Care
7.25.12 New York Times - Medicaid Expansion May Lower Death Rates, Study Says
5.13.12 Times Union - High Marks for Cuomo´s Aid for Disabled
5.8.12 Huffington Post - Emerging from the Mess We´re In - What the Feds Can learn From New York
5.1.12 Times Union - Medicaid Rolls Soar, Costs Down
2.23.12 New York Times - A Shift from Nursing Homes to Managed Care at Home
8.18.11 Times Union - State Seeks Savings with Health Homes