MRT Innovations in Social Determinants of Health Initiative

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Joseph Gough

EVP Innovation at Remedy Partners

5 Pennsylvania Plaza

New York




Q2 Please describe your company or organizations overall goals and mission.

Remedy Partners is the industry leader in Bundled Care initiatives. However, the company mission extends far beyond bundled payments. Our team is committed to delivering transformative value based care with the patient/ beneficiary at the center of the enterprise. Our goals reflect the best practices of the Triple Aim:

  1. Use innovative process and technology to improve the quality of life in every patient that our programs touch.
  2. Help providers navigate the complexity of value-based care in order for them to focus on delivering outstanding patient care.
  3. Unburden the stressed payer systems of costly and often unnecessary utilization.

All of these priorities are effected when Social Determinants of Health go unaddressed. It is our goal to give patients and their providers the tools necessary to address these root cause issues with efficiency and empowerment.

Q3 Please indicate which category your organization falls under.

Technology Solutions

Q4 Innovation Executive Summary. Please describe the innovation, and how it addresses the social determinants of health. Please identify how the innovation addresses the 6 innovation criteria (i.e. ROI, scalability, feasibility, evidence–based support for innovation, relevance to the Medicaid population and speed to market).

Our primary innovation in this domain is an agile and scaleable platform to manage patient/ member care called Episode Connect. Episode Connect is a complete operating system for administering bundled payment programs. Remedy has seamlessly integrated best in class SDOH services onto this platform to address all of the six innovation criteria:

  1. ROI–No technology in the market has delivered the kind of national savings in value based care that Remedy Partners has shown in the most recent BPCI programs. With $12.1 billion in managed spend and $280 million in savings for Medicare alone, we are confident that the ROI will be realized.
  2. Scaleability–Not only has Remedy deployed technology in 45 states, but we are currently preparing for a program nearly double the size in the CMS Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced initiative. This will result in more than $5 billion in additional episodic care.
  3. Feasibility–The technology is fully operational and producing consistent results in over 950 national clients.
  4. Evidence Based–Our tools and our partner integrations have all been through rigorous analysis and real world trials with robust outcomes in Clinical and Financial testing.
  5. Relevance–The State of NY is currently managing a Bundle payment program. The challenges in getting providers to accept a fair burden of risk in these programs could be greatly improved by using Episode Connect to properly risk stratify Social Determinants of Health into the population mix and adjust bundles accordingly. In addition the engagement tools now available on the platform can create personalized interventions to benefit MCO´s and more importantly, the Patient/ Members.
  6. Speed to Market–One of our internal benchmarks for client success at Remedy Partners is "Speed to Savings". Since our tools have been nationally deployed, function effectively with excellent user satisfaction scores, and have already proven evidence–based savings for CMS, the speed to market should be immediately actionable.

[The statements contained in this document are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of CMS. The authors assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this document.]

Q5 Was your innovation implemented? If so, please explain when, the number of people impacted, and the results.

Yes (please specify when and the estimated number of people impacted):

Over one million patients migrate into the Episode Connect platform every year. Nearly half a million patients have completed episodes with Remedy Partners over the past five years. The care management solutions provided by Episode Connect have created over $280 million in CMS savings alone.

Q6 Please identify the SDH Domain that your innovation addresses. (Select all that apply.)


Social and Community Context

Health and Health Care

Neighborhood and Environment

Economic Stability

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