Uniform Assessment System for New York

Region VI
UAS–NY Coordinators Role & Responsibilities

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May 1, 2013

K. John Russell
Program Director

Scott, Jill, and Lisa Howard
Program Coordinators

UAS–NY Components

  • Three Assessment Instruments
    • Community Assessment for ages 18 and over
    • Pediatric Assessment for ages 4 through 17
    • Pediatric Assessment from birth through age 3
  • Software Application
  • Training Environment

Statewide Implementation Plan

  • UAS–NY will replace currently used assessment instruments in the following programs/plans:
    • Adult Day Health Care
    • Assisted Living Program
    • Care at Home I/II Waiver
    • Consumer Directed Home Care
    • Long Term Home Health Care
    • Managed Long Term Care
    • Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver
    • Personal Care
    • Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver

The Role of UAS–NY Coordinator

  • Serve as the project manager for your organization’s implementation of UAS–NY
  • Single point of communication with NYS DOH

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 14)

Learn fundamental concepts about the UAS–NY application

  • Functionality of the Application
  • Assessment Instruments
  • Training Environment

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 7)

Transition Activities Timeline

Transition Activities Timeline

Leadership and Communication

  • Establish a leadership team
    • Executive sponsorship
  • Communication
    • Internal
    • External

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 14)

Organizational Considerations

  • Review Your Organization´s Assessment Process
  • Consider your organization´s Business Process
  • Information Technology Support

Organizational Considerations (cont.)

  • Review Your Organization’s Assessment Process
    • What programs does your organization complete assessments for?
    • Who within your organization is involved in the assessment process? What is their role?
    • Do you work with other organizations to complete a coordinated assessments?
    • Who is required to sign an assessment?

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 18)

  • Considering your organization´s Business Process
    • How is individual assessment data currently used by your organization?
    • How will the organization support staff completion of recommended online training?
    • What supports will be put in place to ensure the accuracy and reliability of assessments?
    • How is assessment data used to support planning, management, or other administrative functions?

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 19)

  • Information Technology Support
    • UAS–NY Online Application
      • Laptop or Desktop
    • UAS–NY Offline Application
      • Laptop– fully encrypted
    • Training Environment
      • Speakers or headphones

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 20)

UAS Roles

  • UAS–NY is a role–based system
    • Governs what data can be viewed or edited and what functions may be performed
    • UAS roles are general not specific
    • Understand audience for each role
    • Ensure that role assignment is consistent with HIPAA and HITECH Act

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 21)

Health Commerce System (HCS)

  • Organizations grouped by type HCS Coordinator
  • Each user must have their own HCS user account Establish Trust Level 3 Verification
  • Assign and Manage UAS Roles
  • Provide Training on the HCS, as need is identified

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 23)


  • Staff computer proficiency
  • Provide training on the HCS, as need is identified Ensure staff complete required UAS–NY training
  • Support staff’s continued participation in UAS–NY recommended training
  • Provide in–service training

Start–up Tasks

Preparing your organization’s case file Initiate a Statewide Search

  • Build Your Organization’s Case List Create Program Entries
  • Initiate Assessments
  • Document Diseases and Medications

(UAS–NY Transition Guide, page 27)

Key Dates and Events

May 22, 2013 Preparing Staff Access to UAS–NY Webinar
June 12, 2013 UAS–NY Training Environment Orientation Webinar
Not later than October 1, 2013 Implementation deadline to begin using the UAS–NY for all assessments
Post October 1, 2013 Support integration of UAS–NY into business processes

Additional information can be found on the DOH Website: http://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/redesign/uniform_assessment_system/index.htm

Questions may be emailed to: uasny@health.state.ny.us
Call UAS–NY Support Desk Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM