Veterans Health Information Clearing House

The Veterans Health Information Clearing House provides a list of resources for veterans, their families and their health care providers seeking health care information. The Clearing House provides links and phone numbers for federal, state and other health care resources that may help veterans and providers seeking information on illnesses that may be service-connected and facilities that may be able to provide health care services. There are also resources listed that can assist veterans seeking information about their eligibility for veterans' benefits.

Key Contact Points

For information on possible health care treatment and benefits information and applications, contact the New York State Department of Veterans' Services toll-free hotline at 1-888-VETSNYS (1-800-838-7697). Appointments with a Veterans Benefit Adviser can be scheduled by telephone or through the Division's website at . Requests for information can be emailed to

The free New York State Veterans Mobile App connects New York's Veterans and their family members to jobs, housing, education and other programs. The New York State Veterans App provides users with easily accessible material about federal and state Veterans' benefits, programs, and services, including health care, housing employment, education and filing claims for financial Veterans' benefits with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The app was developed by the New York State Department of Veterans' Services, in collaboration with the New York State Office of Information Technology Services.

  • The app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • The app provides a new level of communication and connectivity between New York's Veterans and the state and local government entities that assist them.
  • Using the app's "Near Me" feature, an individual standing anywhere in New York can immediately discover the address and contact information for the New York State Department of Veterans' Services field offices and County Veterans Service Agency offices within the closest proximity to that individual's exact location.
  • Additionally, the state will provide up-to-the-minute updates about state and federal programs that directly impact the lives of Veterans and their family members.
  • Individuals interested in accessing the New York State Veterans App can do so here:
    For iOS Devices For Android Devices

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veteran's Health Administration (VHA) is responsible for providing health care to military Veterans. The VA's comprehensive medical benefits package offers care and services that are designed to promote good health preserve current health, and restore better health. This includes treating illnesses and injuries, preventing future health problems, improving functional abilities, and enhancing quality of life.

The VA provides a full spectrum of medically necessary services, based on the judgment of VA primary care providers and in accordance with generally accepted standards of clinical practice. Some of these services include: Primary Care, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention Diagnosis, Palliative Care, Surgery, Prescriptions for Medications, Prosthetics Critical Care, Mental Health Care (including PSTD), Women's Health Care, Orthopedics Radiology, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation.

The VA website provides a comprehensive overview of all its healthcare services for Veterans, in addition to a self-service portal. Learn more at: Its toll-free helplines include:

  • All Veterans’ Benefits 1-800-827-1000
  • Health Care Benefits 1-877-222-8387
  • Smoking Cessation Counselors 1-855-QUIT-VET (1-855-784-8838)
  • Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Call or Text 988, or Chat at
  • Combat Call Center 1-877-WAR-VETS 877-927-8387)
  • Children of Women Vietnam Veterans (CWVV), Foreign Medical Program (FMP) and Spina Bifida Health Care Program 1-877-345-8179 or 1-888-820-1756
  • Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) and the CHAMPVA In-House Treatment Initiative (CITI) 1-800-733-8387
  • Education (GI Bill) 1-888-442-4551

My HealtheVet ( ) is the VA's online personal health record, designed for Veterans, active duty service members, their dependents and caregivers. My HealtheVet helps you partner with your health care team. It provides you opportunities and tools to make informed decisions and manage your health care Specific features in My HealtheVet are available to you based on your account type. All users who have a Basic account are able to view their self-entered information If you are a VA patient, you can upgrade your account to Advanced or Premium For more information about account types and what you can view, visit My HealtheVet Account Types.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits and services you may be eligible for as a Veteran, service member, or as a family member of a Veteran or service member, please call the New York State Department of Veterans' Services Help Line at 1-888-838-7697 (VETSNYS).