News Release and Public Service Announcement Templates

In an effort to provide local county health departments with the tools they need, seasonal fill-in-the blank news releases and public service announcements are now available. Within each season, a variety of seasonal health and safety topics can be found, which can be used as either a template or guide.

Search for the WINTER topics below and if you're not finding what you're looking for or have a suggestion for a new topic, please email us at

Fill-in-the-Blank News Releases

Winter Fill-in-the-Blank News Releases (PDF)

Topics Include:

  • Burns News
  • Cervical_cancer News
  • Child Safety News
  • Childhood Obesity News
  • Falls Prevention News
  • Family Emergency News
  • Fire Prevention for People with Disabilities News
  • Glaucoma News
  • Nutrition News
  • Nutrition Older Adults News
  • Obesity News
  • Pedestrian News
  • Radon News
  • Respiratory Illness News
  • Second Hand Smoke News
  • Snow Blow and Shovelling Safety News
  • Snow Shoveling Safety News
  • Stroke News
  • Toy Safety News
  • Winter_emergency News
  • Winter Pedestrian Safety News
  • Winter Skin_care News
  • Winter Travel News
  • Winter Weather News

Fill-in-the-Blank Public Service Announcements

Winter Fill-in-the-Blank Public Service Announcements (PDF)

Topics Include:

  • Burns PSAs
  • Cervical_cancer PSAs
  • Child Safety PSAs
  • Childhood Obesity PSAs
  • Falls Prevention PSAs
  • Family Emergency PSAs
  • Fire Prevention and People with Disabilities and Older Adults PSAs
  • Glaucoma PSAs
  • Nutrition PSAs
  • Nutrition Older Adults PSAs
  • Obesity PSAs
  • Pedestrian PSAs
  • Radon PSAs
  • Respiratory Illness PSAs
  • Second Hand Smoke PSAs
  • Snow Blow and Shovelling Safety PSAs
  • Snow Shoveling Safety PSAs
  • Stroke PSAs
  • Toy Safety PSAs
  • Winter_emergency PSAs
  • Winter Pedestrian Safety PSAs
  • Winter Skin_care PSAs
  • Winter Travel PSAs
  • Winter Weather PSAs