Chenango Fairgrounds in Compliance with State Health Department Order to Ensure Safe Drinking Water

Chenango Fair Has Taken Steps to Ensure Fair's Water Source is Safe and Sanitary

Albany, August 8, 2000 – The State Health Department announced today that the Chenango County Fair is in full compliance with the December 21, 1999, State Health Department Commissioners Order aimed at seven county fairs that previously used untreated water supplies.

The Order required Chenango County Fair and six other county fairs that had previously used untreated water sources at their fairs to take steps to ensure that those water sources are treated, tested and safe for public consumption.

The Chenango County Fair has been proactive in connecting their system to the City of Norwich Public Water System, which is fully maintained, tested and regulated by the State and county. As a result of the fair's compliance, health officials have no hesitation encouraging families and residents from Chenango County and surrounding areas to attend the fair for the annual fun–filled traditional experience, celebrating Chenango County's rich agricultural heritage.

The Chenango County Agricultural Society, which operates the Chenango County Fair, will open their annual county fair today, August 8. The Society worked closely with State and Chenengo county health officials over the past year to implement a system that ensures safe and reliable drinking water for all fair attendees.

The fairground has made numerous improvements to their water system, including having the system evaluated by a licensed professional engineer. Based on that evaluation, recommendations were made and steps were taken to comply with the Commissioner's Order.

A summary of the fairground's water system improvements includes:

  • The fairground connected to the City of Norwich's public water system.
  • Three on–site water sources, wells, were discontinued in place of using the public water system. The three wells will not be used.
  • A thorough flushing and disinfection of the fairground's drinking water distribution system pipes was completed.
  • An approved monitoring program for the fairground's water system is in place to ensure that the drinking water is safe before and during any event at the fairground.
  • A state certified water system operator will be regularly monitoring the Chenango County Fairground's system.

These comprehensive measures will mean that vendors at the fair are using only safe, treated and tested water sources. These measures also give peace of mind to families attending the fair, so that they can concentrate on having a fun visit without worrying whether the water is safe to drink.

8/8/00–98 OPA