State Health Department Cites Brooklyn Adult Home for Serious Violations, Takes Immediate Action to Protect Residents

Department's Surveillance Leads to Latest Actions to Revoke Seaport's Operating Certificate

Albany, August 24, 2001 – The New York State Health Department (the Department) today announced that it will pursue revocation of the operating certificate of Emil Klein, Baruch Mappa and Martin Rosenberg, the operators of Seaport Manor Home for Adults in Brooklyn, New York, for their failure to properly address and correct serious recurring deficiencies related to the substandard care and services provided to residents.

The Department will also seek substantial civil penalties for the violations cited during the most recent inspection of the home. In addition, Seaport Manor was previously cited by the Department for violations identified during inspections dated: December 4, 1998; July 19, 1999; and January 10, and December 8, 2000. The Department continues to closely monitor the home.

As part of a written corrective action plan, which the home is required to submit to the Department, the operators must identify their immediate steps to correct the violations cited, as well as the precautions they plan to implement to ensure that residents are not further subjected to substandard care.

The Department's most recent investigation of Seaport Manor identified violations, including but not limited to, the home's failure to maintain:

  • supervision of residents in need of assistance in daily living;
  • knowledge of the general whereabouts of residents;
  • proper supervision and documentation of medications provided to residents;
  • appropriate assessment and documentation of each resident's case management needs;
  • up–to–date and complete medical records of residents;
  • a clean facility, free of vermin and rodents, as well as odors;
  • electrical wiring in a manner to prevent a potential fire hazard;
  • smoke free barriers to resist the passage of smoke;
  • freely accessible fire exit doors; and
  • required illuminated exit signs.

8/23/01–93 OPA