Department Issues Updates on Hickory Woods

Albany, June 4, 2004 -- The State Department of Health recently released two documents related to the Hickory Woods area of Buffalo: one responds to comments on the 2001 Health Consultation for Hickory Woods and the second evaluates additional information about thyroid conditions reported in the Hickory Woods community.

The review of thyroid conditions follows up on preliminary findings from the exposure survey reported in the 2001 Health Consultation. The Department reviewed all available information and did not find any unusual factors in common among the group. The review found predisposing medical conditions for almost all of the participants. The Department is accepting public comments on this report through June 30, 2004.

The other report on Hickory Woods is the Department’s response to comments from the City of Buffalo’s expert peer review panel that reviewed the 2001 Health Consultation. The Department addressed questions and clarified concerns raised by the panel in addition to comments from the University of Buffalo’s Environment and Society Institute. Many of the peer review comments related to clarity, including process, format, and presentation, but did not affect the conclusions of the 2001 Health Consultation.

Both reports are available via the internet on the Department's web site at: