State Health Department Announces $5 Million for HIV/AIDS Medical Care, Prevention

ALBANY, NY, May 16, 2006 - The New York State Health Department today announced $5 million in grant awards to support essential HIV prevention and supportive services to New Yorkers, particularly those in need of health care and preventive services in at-risk communities.

"We must continue to reinforce the critical message of HIV prevention to help New Yorkers protect themselves and combat this deadly disease," said State Health Commissioner Antonia C. Novello, M.D., M.P.H., Dr.P.H. "These funds demonstrate New York's commitment to preventing the further spread of HIV infection. By investing more than any other state, New York leads the nation in providing a full range of HIV prevention, medical care and support services for those in need."

The grants announced today build on New York's commitment to the support of HIV/AIDS health care, prevention and public awareness efforts. Annually, New York dedicates $2 billion to HIV/AIDS programs.

Through its commitment, the State Health Department has supported New York's health care systems with the resources needed to make a dramatic impact in HIV pediatric care, demonstrating a 78 percent decline in the number of newborns statewide who are infected with HIV since 2001. In addition, New York has the largest AIDS Drug Assistance Program in the nation, which ensures that all HIV infected persons have access to the most medically advanced and effective medications that help prolong and improve their quality of life.

HIV is not spread by casual contact like sneezing, coughing, drinking or eating from common utensils, shaking hands, hugging, or use of restrooms and drinking fountains. HIV can be spread through:

  • Vaginal, anal, or oral sex without using a condom;
  • Sharing needles or syringes;
  • Women with HIV infection can pass HIV to their babies during pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding; and
  • People who are exposed to blood and/or body fluids at work, like health care workers, may be exposed to HIV through needle-sticks or other on-the-job exposures.

Grants have been awarded by the Health Department's AIDS Institute to 30 organizations statewide, reaching young people and their parents, as well as communities of color. The following organizations received this year's funding:

New York City
Cornell Cooperative Extension $110,000
National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS $153,223
Exponents $130,000
Osborne Association $125,000
Body Positive $294,275
Asian Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS $100,000
Harlem United (two awards) $230,000
Community Health Action of Staten Island (two awards) $225,000
Gay Men's Health Crisis $450,000
AIDS Center of Queens County $125,000
LGBT Community Center $350,000
Fortune Society $100,000
Health People $140,000
NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project $109,429
Bronx Lesbian and Gay Health Resource Consortium $136,434
Callen-Lorde Community Health Project $125,000
Brooklyn AIDS Task Force $100,000
People of Color in Crisis $250,000
Gay Men of African Descent $250,000
Chinese American Planning Council $100,000
Hudson Valley
AIDS Related Community Services $100,000
Capital Region
AIDS Council of Northeastern New York $110,000
Centro Civico $124,324
Central New York
AIDS Community Resources (two awards) $230,000
American Indian Community House $100,000
Southern Tier AIDS Program $89,137
Western New York
AIDS Rochester $150,000
Men of Color Health Awareness $250,000
AIDS Community Services of Western New York $150,000
Alianza Latina $100,000
Statewide Total = $5,006,822

For additional information, please visit the State Health Department's web site at