New York State Health Commissioner Suspends Physician's and Physician Assistant's Licenses

Based on Actions in Arizona and Connecticut

Albany, NY (September. 5, 2007) - New York State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D., has used his emergency powers to summarily suspend the New York licenses of an Arizona physician, Peter James Normann, M.D. and an Upper Nyack physician assistant, Preston Goldsmith, P.A., which precludes them from practicing in New York.

Commissioner Daines acted upon the recommendation of the state Board for Professional Medical Conduct after the Arizona Department of Health issued an Order of Emergency Suspension of Dr. Normann's license. Arizona charged Dr. Normann of Anthem, AZ, with negligence, inadequate records and fraudulent statements on privilege applications, and that his continued practice constitutes an immediate serious danger to the health of the public. The Arizona order revealed that three patients died following liposuction procedures performed by Dr. Normann.

Dr. Daines also used his summary powers to suspend the license of Preston Goldsmith, P.A., after a review of the Connecticut Department of Public Health's finding that Mr. Goldsmith's continued practice of medicine constitutes an imminent danger to the health of its residents. Connecticut charged Mr. Goldsmith with stealing an epidural pump with a fentanyl bag from a patient's hospital room, thereby depriving the patient of pain medication.

New York acted to prevent any attempts by Dr. Normann or Mr. Goldsmith to practice in New York State while the out-of-state issues are adjudicated. Both summary suspensions remain in effect until the actions in Arizona and Connecticut have been completed, after which hearings will be commenced in New York before the Board for Professional Medical Conduct.

Under New York Public Health Law Section 230(12)(b) the Commissioner of Health may summarily suspend a physician's New York license when a duly authorized disciplinary agency of another jurisdiction has made a finding that the practice of medicine in that jurisdiction constitutes an imminent danger to the health of its people.

More information about disciplinary actions taken against physicians and physician assistants licensed in New York State is available on the State Health Department's Web site at