State Health Department Advises Precaution to Avoid Unnecessary Radioactive Exposure

Update – January 10, 2008

Two containers of low-level radioactive medical drugs missing since last Thursday have now been accounted for. The containers were found by a Rochester area man and have been returned to the Department. The containers were returned unopened and all the contents remained inside. The Department noted that these radioactive drugs, which are used for diagnostic medical imaging, have a two-day shelf life and were harmless to the public. Nevertheless, the Department wanted to account for this missing medical equipment.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (Jan. 3, 2008) - Two containers of radioactive drugs used for diagnostic medical imaging have been lost during a traffic accident today. As a precaution the New York State Department of Health is advising any Western New Yorker who may find these two containers to avoid contact with them and to contact the department immediately. The two containers were lost this morning when they fell off a privately owned delivery truck.

While the contents of these containers do not pose a health concern, the department is advising anyone who may come in contact with them not to handle them. Instead contact the state Health Department for the proper pickup and disposal of these packages.

Residents should contact the New York State Department of Health during regular business hours at (716) 847-4383 or after hours at 1-866-881-2809.

The radioactive material is in syringes and vials packed inside a black steel box. The containers are clearly marked with the word, "RADIOACTIVE" and feature the hazardous materials logo. The packages are similar to the one shown below, and are about the size of a car battery.

Picture of radioactive materials container