State Health Department Begins $1.75 Million Campaign to Promote Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance Ad

ALBANY, N.Y. (Feb. 4, 2008) - State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D., today announced a $1.75 million statewide media campaign to promote the purchase of long-term care insurance, including the state's Partnership for Long-Term Care, by New York residents ages 40 to 65.

The Partnership helps New Yorkers finance long-term care – care in a nursing home, personal residence or assisted-living facility – without impoverishing themselves or signing over their life savings.

"This campaign will build on our commitment to help New Yorkers financially prepare for the possibility of long-term care," Commissioner Daines said. "The Partnership program allows New Yorkers to protect some or all of their assets or resources if their long-term care needs extend beyond the period covered by their private insurance policy."

The media campaign will run from February through April and feature direct mail as well as print, broadcast and Internet advertising. It will include TV, radio, a magazine ad, and an insert to be mailed with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles' registration renewals.

The New York State Partnership combines long-term care insurance and Medicaid Extended Coverage. Over time, the program will help reduce New York's Medicaid expenditures for long-term care.

Local offices for the aging in every county provide Resource Centers to inform and educate consumers about long-term care insurance, including those policies available through the New York State Partnership. "These centers provide informational programs as well as individual, unbiased counseling," said Michael J. Burgess, Director of the state Office for the Aging.

Many assume that long-term care insurance is only for the elderly, when they are nearing the end of their lives and need nursing home care. But this insurance is also for anyone who needs nursing or home care because of a longer-term disability. A car accident, a fall, or other event that requires months of recovery can occur to anyone at any time. Without long-term care insurance, the financial impact can be devastating.

"Long-term care insurance can be part of wise financial planning at any age," said Dr. Daines. "It not only protects the frail elderly, but it can also save families from financial disaster if someone is seriously disabled."

The Partnership for Long-Term Care was created to help New Yorkers finance long-term care, allowing consumers to choose the care and care setting to meet their care needs while avoiding financial hardship. Under the Partnership, enrollees can apply for New York State Medicaid Extended Coverage, which allows a person to protect some or all of their assets. This extended coverage requires a contribution from the policyholder in accordance with Medicaid income rules.

For more information about long-term care insurance or the Partnership for Long-term Care, call 1-866-950-PLAN (7526) or visit