Health Department Invites Applicants for Public Health Interns

ALBANY, N.Y. (March 10, 2009) - Applications are due March 16 for the New York State Department of Health's Public Health Undergraduate Internship Program.

Undergraduate students from colleges and universities throughout the state will be selected to fill up to nine summer internship positions in environmental health programs in the State Health Department and local health departments throughout the state. The internships will run for eight weeks beginning in June 2009. Interns will receive a $3,000 stipend for their work.

"State and local public health agencies need a strong public health workforce to deliver adequate services to promote and protect the public's health," said State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D. "Introducing college students to exciting public health careers is one way we can build and strengthen the public health workforce."

The State health Department is one of 10 agencies in the country selected by the Association of Schools of Public Health and the Association of Public Health Laboratories to receive a grant from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to initiate an undergraduate internship program as part of the Pathways to Public Health initiative.

The goal of the program is to introduce undergraduate students to the public health application of science and to recruit a new generation of public health employees. Interns will work in environmental health at the state and local health departments, shadowing public health sanitarians, engineers and research scientists as they inspect restaurants, camps and swimming pools, regulate the water supply and conduct research.

At the State Health Department's Wadsworth Center, student interns will choose from rotations from a range of reference and testing laboratories addressing infectious diseases, genetics, public health preparedness, and environmental monitoring.

Information on how to apply is available on the State Health Department's website at