Bronx-Lebanon Hospital to Repeat Blood Tests for Certain Patients who may Have Received Wrong Results

ALBANY, NY (May 29, 2009) – The State Health Department has directed Bronx-Lebanon Hospital at 1650 Grand Concourse in the Bronx to retest patients who had blood drawn for testing for a variety of health conditions on specific dates between April 17, 2008, and December 3, 2008, due to apparent labeling errors in connection with laboratory tests.

The hospital is cooperating and is expected to immediately begin contacting approximately 920 patients by letter and follow-up phone calls to request that they come in for retesting at no charge. The laboratory testing involved blood tests conducted in outpatient clinics for a wide range of diseases and medical conditions.

The Department launched an investigation in conjunction with Bronx-Lebanon after six patients received inaccurate test results in 2008, suggesting the likelihood that their laboratory specimens had been inadvertently exchanged with those of other patients. The Department directed the hospital to perform a root cause analysis to identify steps in the process where errors could have occurred so that systems can be put in place to prevent further errors.

The Department will be issuing a Statement of Deficiencies and Laboratory Evaluation Report to the hospital, citing the hospital and its laboratory for failure to properly respond to the faulty results and early indications of problems relating to the testing. The hospital will be required to submit for Department approval a Plan of Corrections that outlines the corrective steps the hospital will take to prevent repeat errors.

Patients or parents and guardians of patients who have questions or wish to make an appointment may contact Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Patient Relations at 718-960-1272 or 718-518-5710.