New York Post Columnist Says "Facts Support the Tax" on Sugary Beverages as Means of Attacking the Obesity Epidemic

Decries "False Claims" in Ads Placed by Beverage Lobby

Albany, N.Y. (April 7, 2010) - Popular New York Post Columnist Michael Goodwin writes in his column Wednesday that "the facts support the tax" proposed for sugary beverages in New York State.

"I'm hardly a tax-and-spend guy, but facts matter and anyone resorting to misleading claims doesn't have confidence in his argument," Goodwin writes, referring to TV commercials opposing the tax. "In this case, the facts support the tax."

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Goodwin said the beverage industry paying for the TV commercials "are making false claims about a sensible plan to help fight obesity." He notes that the purpose of the tax is to provide a price signal "to get people, especially kids, not to buy sweet drinks and to switch to un-sweetened ones."